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nobrowpress commissioned me to do this poster to celebrate the opening of their new NY office.

This gif is from the video me and Luke Pearson made. (Luke did this bit, can you tell?)

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That Thomas Hardy comic reminded me that I never posted this Adventure Time comic. I tried to keep this super tight and on-model(ish) and just as much like an episode as possible, which is probably the opposite of the point of these guest comics. This was for the winter special so it’s about as out of season as it can be. These are pages 1-4 of 8.


you blew it! at the house of blues in boston, ma 6/29/14

Lovely plates at Little Plates


Olafur Eliasson layers a riverbed within louisiana museum of modern art.

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The team assembled, as wary of each other as the enemy.


Today I have been polishing up the interface, so that I can make the first few levels as polished as I can. I have also eliminated the last of the robot movement bugs, so hopefully the code will hold out for the rest of development and they will happily chase you around and try to kill your team.

Normally it would make the most sense to get everything blocked out first, but I am hoping to get a place at Eurogamer, which means that I will need to be able to show a short, but pretty polished demo.

Not too much left to go on the interface now, I just need to make the action boxes fade out when you can no longer use them, and I need to add better health bars too. I’m feeling much happier with this all though now I think, but what I am really looking forward to is getting this stuff done so I can start making new levels!



An amethyst in bird-form, meet the Costa’s Hummingbird. A desert hummingbird, Costa’s Hummingbird breeds in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts of California and Arizona.
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